The Natural way to sound health. Natural way is a smooth transition. It is harmless usually in eventful;

First aim of Ayurveda is to keep the health of healthy.

Who is healthy? Ayurveda defines-humors- One, whose body are in state, whose Agni the power of digestion and assimilation at all levels, is proper, whose body constituents are, propitiate and climatic of waste materials like stool ,urinal, are in proper, whose soul, sense, sense arguments; body and mind are pleasant, is called swasthe ,the healthy.

How to keep the health of healthy?
By keeping the body humors in the natural state. Personal regime and seasonal corrections will keep the humors in natural state. Temptations and weakness of mind lead to in take of unanimous food and water which vitiate the doshas (body humotions) and inanimate diseases. Non observance of the seasonal corrections in the daily regimes may lead to vitiation of dosha and thereby cause disease. Activities of body need energy; it comes from the chemical convenience along with energy there are some inevitable waste products. They are to be cleaned out. Suppression and forceful activation of natural urge like, stool, flatus, urine, sneeze, hiccup, yarmy etc lead to different types of diseases by vitiates doshas (wild)mental urges like, greed, anger, hatred, fear, lust etc. leads to vitiate of body humans and there by cause diseases? It depends on your body constitution and acquired immunity or acquired proneness to diseases.

How can we be Healty?

By observing personal hygiene properly , Ayurvedically.

By observing the changes needed to be brought in dummy. Change of season.

By proper eliminations of the waste products of the body.

By controlling the mental urges like greed, anger.



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